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Stories to listen to

Listening to stories is another great way to introduce your toddler to reading. Do you know what the stories are? They’re another great way to introduce your toddler to reading!

What are listening stories?

Your child can listen to audio stories in many different ways. First, there are audiobooks with a CD, which are easy to borrow from the library. You can also listen to stories online on the Internet or download them to your computer or smartphone.

Toddlers begin to enjoy listening to stories around the age of 3.

Storytelling is a great way to entertain your child on a long car trip or when you’re visiting, for example. They are useful when your toddler wants a story and you don’t have a book on hand.

Which stories should I choose?

The first few times, choose short stories, about 2 to 5 minutes long. To get your toddler’s attention, choose stories that include music, voices of original characters, and sounds (horns, bells, train whistles).

The older your child gets, the more stories you can offer them. Around the age of 5, he can listen to stories that last from 5 to 8 minutes.

Benefits of listening to stories

Stories to listen to allow your toddler :

  • to develop his ability to concentrate;
  • to stimulate his imagination;
  • hear new words.

Children are so used to seeing pictures that they may find it difficult to pay attention at first. The first time, help them by, for example, asking them to pay attention to sounds they hear. After listening, comment on the story to encourage your child to tell you about it. For example, “I thought the duck was brave to swim even though it was scared! »

Listening to stories with your child can also inspire new ways to read to your child. For example: change your voice for each character, read slower to keep the suspense going, imitate the sound of objects.

That said, audio stories should not replace reading to your child. In fact, nothing can replace the precious interaction you have with your child around a book!

Finding stories to listen to
Several resources offer free access to audio stories. Here are a few of them:

  • City libraries. They allow you to borrow books with CDs. Some also put stories online on their website for you to listen to. For example the Robert-Lussier library in Repentigny, the Christian-Roy library in L’Assomption, and the Rina-Lasnier library in Joliette and Saint-Charles-Borromée.
  • The Club du rat Biboche. This initiative of the Association des bibliothèques publiques de Laval, Laurentides, Lanaudière offers ten stories to listen to on its website, in the “Story Time” section.
  • The Library Service of the Charlevoix School Board. You will find on their website about ten audiobooks for children, in the “Digital Books” section.
  • Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec (BAnQ). The BAnQ offers the possibility to listen to stories online or on the phone, by calling 1 866 235-1802. The majority of the stories are in French, but there are also stories in English, Spanish, Arabic, Creole, Chinese, Algonquian, Inuktitut, and Cree.
  • The IciRadio-Canada Première website. The Audio Books section includes a “Youth” section with many stories to listen to. You can listen to them online or download them.
  • Les Éditions NordSud. This publishing house gives access to about twenty stories to listen to online on its website.

To remember

  • Listening to a story helps your child develop imagination, vocabulary, and concentration.
  • Audio stories can inspire new ways to read to your child.
  • You can borrow audio stories from the library or download them for free from the Internet.

Photo: GettyImages/courtneyk